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Virtual Discussions 2021

Open Primaries Upcoming National Virtual Discussion


The Rise of Independent Voters

February 24th ~1:30pm Eastern/12:30pm Central/11:30am Mountain/10:30am PST

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A groundbreaking new report from the Open Primaries Education Fund -The Next Great Migration: The Rise of Independent Voterslays out the dramatic increase in Americans from diverse backgrounds and politics registering to vote as independents. Our Zoom event pairs the authors of this new research with leading political figures for an engaging conversation on how to dismantle the partisan barriers that are keeping Americans apart.

Independent voters are now the largest or second largest group of voters in half the states and will be the largest or second largest group of voters in almost every state in the country within a few years at current rates of growth. Party registration is declining in both red and blue states. 

 Yet we continue to operate within an electoral framework--and corresponding media paradigm--that assumes that party membership is the default.  This is most obvious in closed primaries but it infects all aspects of politics including redistricting, campaign finance laws and procedures, election administration and enforcement--even who is allowed to serve as a poll worker on election day. 

 Our election system does not reflect America. This has a profound effect on partisanship and polarization. Appreciating why so many Americans are identifying as independents--and choosing to register to vote as such despite the negative consequences--is important for political reformers, journalists, candidates and elected officials working to chart a new path forward.

Moderator: Amber Ivey, a government-performance management professional, former independent candidate for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District and host of the AI Decodes the System podcast.  

Panel: David Holt has been the Mayor of Oklahoma City since 2018, and for his first year in office was the youngest mayor of a U.S. city over 500,000. A Republican, Holt is also Oklahoma City’s first Native American mayor. He served in the Oklahoma Senate from 2010 to 2018.

Danny Ortega, an attorney and longtime advocate for community empowerment based in Phoenix, Arizona.  He is the former Board Chair of UnidosUS (formerly National Council of La Raza). He also serves on the Board of Directors of  the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Los Abogados Hispanic Bar Foundation.

Jeremy Gruber, Senior Vice President of Open Primaries and co-author with Opdycke of The Next Great Migration: The Rise of Independent Voters.

John Opdycke, President of Open Primaries and Senior Advisor to the Electoral Innovation Lab at Princeton University.

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