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Posted by jesse shayne on July 28, 2016 at 4:03 PM

Our Victory at the DNC

Something important happened on Saturday in Philadelphia. Months of organizing, speaking out, and raising awareness forced the Democratic Party Rules Committee to respond to a resolution for open primaries.

The voices of the 40,000 supporters who signed our petition were heard by the Democratic Party Rules Committee and its Chairman, former Congressman Barney Frank, thanks to Maggie Wunderly, a Democratic Rules Committee member from Illinois who introduced our resolution with our petition in hand (watch below).

Maggie’s resolution did not pass, but over 25% of the Rules Committee stood with Maggie and voted to enact a 50-state open primaries rule. They even forced the DNC to establish a “unity reform commission” to review issues of process and participation -- and we’ll make sure to hold them accountable in creating meaningful reform.

Maggie’s resolution was even more important for another reason, though. Six months ago, the issue of primary reform was a conversation on the margins of our politics. Today, with your help, 70% of Americans favor open primaries and we are a movement!

The issue of primary reform may have exploded into voters’ consciousnesses this election season, but it didn’t begin there, and it won’t end there. The fight for a more perfect Union that allows every voter to vote for who they want and holds every politician accountable to the people, our fight, is just beginning.

We’re supporting grassroots movements with November ballot measures in South Dakota and Colorado that offer all voters a voice in our democracy. We’re supporting legislation in a dozen states that would reform our primary system. And we’re developing legal challenges to taxpayer funded elections that shut out 26.3 million voters in the presidential primaries alone this year!

Thank you again for signing the petition. It made a real difference. Maggie walked into that meeting with 40,000 of us at her back, because of YOU.

Thank you to the hundreds of supporters who gave money, knocked on doors, petitioned at street fairs, taped personal video testimonials, and spoke to your friends and neighbors about why inclusive primary elections matter. Thank you, Maggie, for introducing an open primaries resolution in Philadelphia. We had a groundbreaking impact.

And we’re just getting started.

--OP team


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